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March 04, 2021
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Passing of Battalion Chief Martini
I'm sorry to inform everyone that retired Battalion Chief Keith "Marty" Martini passed away in the early morning of thursday December 28. 2017. Marty came to NRNW F&ES when we assumed fire protection services from the contractors at Bangor. He served as Battalion Chief in Batt 2 after the merger and then moved to Batt 1 to finish his career. Read More...
Union Rights
The line of duty death dedication to Washington State Fallen will be on June 4, 2017 at the Capitol Rotunda in Olympia. We will be honoring Firefighter William "Bill" Hutto who passed away last year. The previous day the ribbon ceremony will take place at 11:00am at station 79 Keyport WA. Everyone who attends please wear class A with shrouded badge. Read More...
The following is a bill introduced on right to work laws that if passed could affect Unions nationwide...Its gaining traction and has 8 co-sponsors so far. Text: H.R.785 — 115th Congress (2017-2018) There is one version of the bill. Text available as: XML/HTML XML/HTML (new window) TXT PDF (PDF provides a complete and accurate display of this text.) Tip. Read More...
WSCFF Notice Line of duty death
Download: WSCFF Hendryx Announcement (1).pdf

 Support the Federal Fire Fighter Flexibility and Fairness Act

The IAFF’s federal fire fighters are engaged in a big push to garner support and co-sponsors for HR 1141 (Representative Sarbanes (D-MD).

This cost-neutral federal legislation, also known as the Federal Firefighter Flexibility and Fairness Act, resolves trade time inequities for our nation’s federal fire fighters. Specifically, the bill ensures that federal fire fighters have trade time parameters similar to those provided for municipal fire fighters under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations.

Currently, 34 members of Congress have signed on to HR 1141 as co-sponsors, but more are needed in order to keep this bill alive and moving this year. To make this happen, federal fire fighters need your help!

Click here

Please take a moment to send your congressional member an email urging them to support and cosponsor HR 1141 -  CLICK HERE or click the button above to take action!


Joint Budget Committee agrees to pension contribution increases from federal workers. This is probably a good time to let your Congressman know you are opposed. Votes in the full House and full Senate will be held soon.

Contact House of Representatives & Contact the Senate.


This morning on a conference call with WH staff the WH reiterated the possibility of a pension contribution increase for federal employees.  It is expected that an increase will be part of a budget conferees deal.  All the unions that represent federal employees are actively working against a pension contribution increase.  That said it is important that members of Congress hear directly from their constituents objecting to a pension contribution increase or any other pay impact.

The House will recess this coming Friday.  However, the budget conferees will continue meeting.

House member states that forcing Feds to pay increased pension contibutions is better than putting them on unpaid furlough because of Sequester cuts. Better for whom?
Letter from 16th District VP Jim Johnson

Leaders and District Members,

As you may have heard federal employees are once again being used to resolve budget issues.  The Budget Committee Conferees are discussing a budget resolution and as part of that resolution there are discussions occurring about raising pension contributions for federal employees.  In essence this contribution increase would be a pay cut for the current pay employees receive.

As you will see in this letter to the conferees leadership from Representative Wolf of Virginia, federal employees have already sacrificed 113 billion towards reducing the budget deficit.  Despite this federal employees continue to be the source legislators go to for budget deficit resolutions.

Our members need to get a simple message to their House and Senate representatives.  “Stop attacking the federal workforce.”  The federal workforce has already sacrificed more than other groups and it is unfair to continue to target  dedicated public servants.

Key contacts regarding the issue are Chairman Ryan, Chairwoman Murray, Ranking Member Van Hollen, and Ranking Member Sessions.  If these members are in your State or Congressional District their office should be contacted as soon as possible.

Other Locals should contact their Senate and House members and ask that they contact the Budget conferees and ask them to support the federal workforce and stop the attack.  Members can get contact info at

IAFF Local F282
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